Forged Safety Latch Kits for Wide Bowl Clevis Sling Hook with Safety Latch VHKS/S

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Protect the outstanding quality of KWB products by using original spare parts: for our wide-bowl clevis sling hook with safety latch VHKS, we stock a full safety latch kit for replacement as needed. As always with KWB, this premium-grade spare part also comes in a sophisticated design and stable construction. To order the right forged safety latch kit for your application, please consult the classification table. Next, enjoy the continued smooth and safe use of your clevis sling hook with safety latch!

Tableau des spécifications

Code / Type Spare Part for
8 FG-V 7/8 VHKS 7/8.8 // VHKS/S 8
10 FG-V 10 VHKS 10.8 // VHKS/S 10